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吉田 仁美







・1987 桑沢デザイン研究所デザイン科 II部 ビジュアルデザインコース卒業

・1987-1999年  広告や雑誌などの制作スタッフとしてデザイン業に従事

・1999年  デザイン業を離れ描きためた絵画での個展を機に画業に従事

・2002年  東京とニューヨークの半々で暮らし絵画制作と展示活動

・2003年  "Characterism" Williamsburg Art & Historical Center AwardNYにて受賞

・2004年  画業での就労ビザ (O-1 VISA) を取得後、NYに転居し活動継続

・2009年  写真家・野上眞宏 (Mike Nogami) 氏と出会い交流し、NYの日常の撮影を開始

・2012年   本帰国。 NYの日常写真の展示、東京での撮影開始、カメラマン業にも従事

・2015年   コニカミノルタプラザでの個展「This Town (New York)」後、写真家・瀬戸正人氏がギャラリーPlace Mにて主宰するワークショップ「夜の写真学校」30期に参加し、翌年修了。

・2018年  写真集『We are: Tokyo 2015-2018』をPlace Mより刊行




Hitomi Yoshida

Born in Setagaya, Tokyo.

Currently lives and works in Shibuya, Tokyo as a photographer and a painter.

Shoots photographs of “Our daily life” in towns in Tokyo, and creates abstract paintings. Also, has been photographing various musician’s concerts, and other types of performance art,

at music venues and theaters since 2012. 



・2018  Release of the photobook “We are : Tokyo 2015-2018”, published by Place M.

・2016  Graduated from Masato Seto's photography workshop. 

・2015  Joined photography workshop run by photographer Masato Seto at Place M, Tokyo. 

・2012  Moved back home to Tokyo from New York. Worked on exhibiting photographs of “NY      daily life”, commenced shooting “Our daily life” in towns in Tokyo. 

・2009  Started photographing of "NY daily life", after meeting and speaking with photographer  Mike Nogami.

・2004  After got a working visa as a fine artist in the US, moved to New York from Tokyo.

・2003  Won "Characterism" Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Award in New York.

・2002  Started living and working as a painter in two cities, Tokyo and New York.

・1999  Left graphic design field and began creating and exhibiting paintings in Tokyo.

・1987- After graduating from the school, worked in graphic design field for twelve years.



・1987  Kuwasawa Design School, Tokyo, focusing on courses with an emphasis graphic design. 

About Photography 写真について

Through photography tries to visualize the "waves of lives (lightwaves)" of people/towns on the street for our record. 写真を通し、街と人々の "生の波(光の波)" の視覚化に取り組んでいます。


About Painting 絵画について

Tries to express basic human emotions through "waves" that arise from someplace inside of her. Her own day-to-day life and experience affect how these "waves" are translated to the canvas. 






Selected Solo Exhibitions_Photography

・2020 "Where do we go from here?", Place M, Tokyo

・2018 "We are: Tokyo 2015-2018", Place M, Tokyo

・2016 "IN THE CROWD", Place M, Tokyo

・2016 "This Town (Shinjuku)", Zenrosai Hall/SPACE ZERO, Tokyo

・2015 "This Town (New York)", KONICA MINOLTA PLAZA, Tokyo

・2014 "Art Viewers", M2 Gallery, Tokyo

・2013 "TOKYO 40s", Place M mini gallery, Tokyo

・2012 "Local Color, New York", Place M mini gallery, Tokyo

・2012 "Slice of New York", Caelum Gallery, NY

・2011 "Parallel Universe", Caelum Gallery, NY


Selected Group Exhibitions_Photography

・2022 "Hot Shots", Place M, Tokyo

・2019 "Core 3", Zenrosai Hall/SPACE ZERO, Tokyo

・2018 "Wow! Shinjuku-Yoyogi", Zenrosai Hall/SPACE ZERO, Tokyo

・2017 "Traveling 5", Place M, Tokyo

・2016 "Traveling 4", Place M, Tokyo

・2013 "SCOPE Miami Beach", See. Me booth, FL

・2013 "The Exposure Award Exhibition", See. Me | Gallery Space, NY

・2010 "Never Think small-Redux!", Climate Gallery/Duch Kills Gallery, NY


Selected Solo Exhibitions_Painting

・2007-2008 "Beyond", Facial Index, NY

・2005 "Days", various open studios in LIC and Brooklyn, NY

・2003 "Life", Caelum Gallery, NY

・2003 "Time-Space", Minami Aoyama Garo, Tokyo

・2001 "LIFE GOES ON", Minami Aoyama Garo, Tokyo

・2000 "Light & Smile", Minami Aoyama Garo, Tokyo

・1999 "Kokoro-no-hahen", Minami Aoyama Garo, Tokyo


Selected Group Exhibitions_Painting

・2019 "Core 3", Zenrosai Hall/SPACE ZERO, Tokyo

・2010 "Parallel Universe", International Exhibition, Caelum Gallery, NY

・2009 "Three Artists in 3 Styles", Caelum Gallery, NY

・2008 "Soul Journey", International Exhibition, Caelum Gallery, NY

・2007 "Nowhere", International Exhibition, Caelum Gallery, NY

・2004 "Winners Exhibition of Characterism", Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, NY

・2003 "Characterism", Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, NY

・2002 "The 50th Heiwa-Bijyutsu-ten", Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo



・2003 "Characterism" Williamsburg Art & Historical Center Award (received as Hitomi Aida)

Juried by Charlotta Kotik, Curator, and Chair of the Department of Contemporary Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY


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